Hacienda San Angel offers a heavenly bargain
Perfection the goal of the geniuses who created
The Resort at Pelican Hill
Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort
, San Luis Obispo
Playa del Sol Costa Sur, Puerto Vallarta
Extraordinary visit to India
El Capitan Canyon, California
Casa Iguana, Puerto Vallarta
Los Cuatro Vientos Hotel,
Puerto Vallarta
The College Hotel, Amsterdam
San Antonio New World
Wine & Food Festival
Monterrey, Mexico
Tortuga Bay Hotel, Dominican Republic



Sultry Summer Days, Spectacular Setting, Sensational Savings
Hacienda San Angel Offers a Heavenly Bargain

If the idea of a summer staycation has got you down, Hacienda San Angel in beauitful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has a solution that actually makes supreme luxury affordable...continued

Perfection the goal of the geniuses who created The Resort at Pelican Hill
Perfection was also obviously on the minds of the geniuses who created The Resort at Pelican Hill, a tribute to the acclaimed architect of the High Renaissaince Andrea Palladio, on the coast of Newport Beach. Imagine, if you will... continued

Integrative retreat center between Los Angeles and San Francisco
Although it’s in a prime location near many worthy attractions, including Avila Beach and some splendid local wineries, if you visit Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort in San Luis Obispo, you will have no valid inclination to leave... continued

A blissful all-suite escape in Puerto Vallarta
If headed down to the sunny city of Puerto Vallarta, a great choice for accommodations is the Playa del Sol Costa Sur. This beautiful 208 unit all-suite resort is just five minutes from the south side of Puerto Vallarta... continued

An extraordinary visit to India
By William Tomicki
I am off on a three week adventure to India in search of the sport of elephant polo. At my side is my dazzling wife of 39 years who has agreed to make the journey because I promised her the Taj Mahal on our anniversary which will occur towards the end of the trip... continued

Rustic romantic getaway on California’s central coast
For either a rustic romantic getaway or a fun-filled family camping trip, El Capitan Canyon on the coast of California just north of Santa Barbara should be on the top of your list. El Capitan Canyon offers all the luxury... continued

Satisfying experience at Casa Iguana
Whether you’re looking for the privacy of an immaculate Penthouse on the ocean or something comfortable for the entire family at a budget price, Casa Iguana in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a sure-fire, satisfying experience... continued

Los Cuatro Vientos charms
Sometimes we like to avoid the four-star resorts and all-inclusive wonderlands that pervade Mexico’s coasts for smaller residences where we are awakened by the crowing of roosters and the stirring sounds of city-life... continued

Luxurious and hip, The College Hotel pleases
The College Hotel
is sure to please with its dynamic blending of tradition with contemporary styling and hospitality. Architectural/design firm, FG Stijl Amsterdam, transformed this circa 1895 school building into... continued

ENTREE savors glorious food, wine and fun in San Antonio
We recently attended the 2005 San Antonio New World Wine & Food Festival where winemakers and chefs treat wine and food lovers in a week-long celebration of food, wine and camaraderie. Local and international chefs prepare stunning appetizers, entrees and desserts to complement hundreds of wines... continued

ENTREE visits cosmopolitan Monterrey, Mexico
Monterrey, Mexico
is a bustling commercial center, where they say “we appreciate the good life and work hard to pay for it,” thus heavy traffic, sprawling suburbs and noise. But you would be missing a lot to be deterred by this initial impression. Their drive and energy has created some magnificent community spaces to enrich... continued

A love affair with Tortuga Bay Hotel
Tortuga Bay Hotel
, endowed with miles of stunning, white-sand beaches on the eastern shores of the Dominican Republic, is poised to become a favored retreat for those seeking the truly exceptional. Their commitment to service begins at Punta Cana Airport, the world’s only privately built and owned international airport... continued