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2009 Index

The Phoenician in Scottsdale is a must, December 2008-January 2009

Christmas in Vienna was magical at The Ring Amsterdam and an incomparable stay at The Pulitzer Hotel, March 2009

Tucker's Point Hotel and Spa opens in Bermuda, November-December 2009

Historic Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort, December 2008-January 2009
The Ritz Carlton, Marina del Rey, February, 2009
Breeze in Century City is a gem in the Hyatt Regency, February 2009
In San Francisco we like the Mandarin Oriental and the InterContinental, March 2009
Our drive down the southern coast of California to Mexico, March 2009
Welcome Mr. Tim Lee, Bel-Air Hotel, March 2009
The Grand Del Mar for old world glamour, spa excellence and premier golf, April-May 2009
Trattoria Grappolo in Santa Ynez, April-May ‏2009‏‏
Art and high drama in Costa Mesa, April-May 2009
Montage is a spectacular addition to Beverly Hills, June-July 2009
Perfection the goal of the geniuses who created The Resort at Pelican Hill, June-July 2009‏
Pasadena’s Brix 42, June-July 2009
Tahoe’s resort at Squaw Creek is great for all seasons, June-July 2009
Andaz West Hollywood, a sleek re-invention of the old Sunset Strip Hyatt, June-July 2009
L.A.’s secret hotel of charm: Luxe Sunset Boulevard, June-July 2009
Restaurant Michael Mina in San Francisco, June-July 2009 
Cal-a-Vie, America’s best spa, August 2009
Santa Monica’s Casa Del Mar Hotel, a modern legend, August ‏2009‏‏ 
ENTREE visits Redondo Beach, August 2009‏
The Parking Spot makes the airport bearable again, September-October  2009
Luxe: the best place to stay on Rodeo Drive, September-October  2009
ENTREE goes to Yosemite and discovers some of yesteryear, September-October  2009
Se, the newest darling of San Diego hotels, September-October  2009
Santa Monica’s Wilshire: farmer’s market quality prepared to perfection, September-October  2009 
Hotel Maya in Long Beach, November-December 2009
Mundaka is a restaurant of note in Carmel, November-December 2009
Shop with the chef at Shutters in Santa Monica, November-December 2009
Tony DiSalvo joins the Viceroy Whist as chef, November-December 2009

The Real InterContinental Hotel &Club Tower in San Jose, Costa Rica, March 2009
The charming Hotel 1492 in San Jose, Costa Rica, June-July 2009
The small boutique Alta Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica, August 2009
Costa Rica’s Beacon Escazu in the Central Valley, August 2009
Costa Rica’s Finca Rosa Blanca, September-October  2009

Divine Curaçao and the spectacular Santa Barbara Plantation, December 2008-January 2009

London’s Egerton House Hotel praised, December 2008-January 2009
Loris Lucchini honored at London’s Chesterfield Hotel, December 2008-January 2009
See Carmen when you stay at London’s superb Milestone Hotel, February 2009
The Old Government House Hotel and Spa in Guernsey, April-May 2009

A dream of a hotel in Helsinki, February 2009

Time to again consider beautiful France, November-December 2009

Loftin’s 1116 Ocean in Versace’s South Beach palazzo is tops, February 2009
A drive along the Florida Panhandle, April-May 2009
Cliff Norris Real Estate in Vero Beach is highly recommended, April-May 2009

Berlin’s Adlon Kempinski, June-July 2009

Luxe on the rocks in Iceland, February 2009

Eat crabs at Joe’s in Chicago, September-October 2009

Visit India now with Taj Hotels, February 2009

Enjoying Rome at the Mediterraneo Hotel, December 2008-January 2009
A special private apartment for rent in Venice, September-October  2009

Joyful New Orleans, February 2009

Aquatic fitness at Rancho La Puerta, April-May 2009
Hacienda San Angel in Puerto Vallarta offers a heavenly bargain, August 2009
Casa Velas shines in Puerto Vallarta, September-October2009
Ancient Mayan pyramids and Herbie Hancock on the Riviera Maya, September-October 2009

Best guy to know in Vegas after Steve Wynn: Johnny Avello, February 2009
Nothing tops Wynn Las Vegas, March 2009
Bette Midler at Caesars in Las Vegas, April-May 2009
Glitz and glamour at Bally’s in Vegas: the extraordinary Jubilee show, September-October  2009
Giorgio Ristorante in Las Vegas, November-December 2009
Peep Show and a great steak at Strip House in Las Vegas, November-December 2009

Our New York highlights, December 2008-January 2009
The Marmara Manhattan’s Penthouse sale, December 2008-January 2009
Harvest in the Square is N.Y.’s top foodie event, December 2008-January 2009
Bruno Jamais on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, February 2009
Surreal dining at David Burke Townhouse, N.Y. La Goulue closes but M. Denoyer goes on with three other Manhattan hits, March 2009
The legendary Pierre Hotel re-opens after a $100 million makeover, Panerai Replica June-July 2009
Per Se in New York, very expensive but well worth it, August 2009
The Affinia Shelbourne for comfort and value in New York, September-October  2009 
Manhattan hot tables, November-December 2009
Gerry Frank's latest guide, November-December 2009
The Pierre Again, November-December 2009

For well priced fishing trips, February 2009
Three fine lodges team up for a special offer, November-December 2009

We visit Puerto Rico for gastronomic indulgences, June-July 2009

#1 hotel in the world: Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat, September-October 2009
The legendary Oyster Box reopens after a tasteful redo by Red Carnation, November-December 2009

Orient-Express’ Charleston Place, August 2009

We enjoy Seville at the Alfonso X111, February 2009

We prefer the d’Angleterre in Geneva, June-July 2009

Tahiti’s Te Tiare Beach Resort, December 2008-January 2009

Turkey’s allure with Marmara Hotels, March 2009

For peace of mind use The Luggage Club, December 2008-January 2009
The novel Flip Video by PureDigital, December 2008-January 2009
Vintage Couture: rescue and recycle on line, February 2009
Ergo Chef’s Pro-Series 7 Santoku for kitchen cutting edge help, February 2009
The Air-Porter to keep your bags together, February 2009
Goodbye to boring travel: Competitours is a novel new team travel competition, March 2009
Versatile and creative Scottevest clothing, March 2009
The Travelpro Platinum 6 luggage series, March 2009
Going first class, stop shaking our hand, March 2009
Boca Java for extraordinary coffees and teas, April- May 2009
Scrumptious ravioli from Nuovo Pasta, April-May 2009
Boyt Harness Company makes the best travel duffels, April-May 2009
Cinzia Designs for the art of reading, April-May 2009
The very clever Wonder Wash and Spin Dryer, April-May 2009
The incredible roses of Passion Growers, June- July 2009
Some travel essentials we can’t do without, June-July 2009
The amazing Sound ID 300 Bluetooth headset, August 2009
Phiaton for the best ear bud earphones, September-October  2009
Human Touch massage chairs, September-October  2009
AirTamer helps travelers breathe cleaner, healthier air, September-October2009 
A great travel agent is hard to find and here is one: Vivian Taylor, November-December 2009
We support the David Sheldrick Trust for the protection of elephants, November-December 2009
Highway robbery at The Sagamore, November-December 2009
Oxley super-premium gin, November-December 2009
Fine caviar online from Black River Caviar, November-December 2009
Time to order fresh buttery smoked salmon, November-December 2009
Giving ENTRÉE as a gift this year, November-December 2009
Filson stands for quality and style, November-December 2009

Three splendid gift books, December 2008-January 2009
A must-have New York restaurant guide, February 2009
A gem of a book: American Luxury: Jewels from the House of Tiffany, March 2009
Books ENTREE recommends, June-July 2009
Read a book this summer, August 2009
Holiday books that are ideal for giving, November-December 2009

Absinthe makes a comeback, December 2008-January 2009
Dubonnet emerges as an enchanting aperitif, December 2008-January 2009
The excellent wines of Scheid Vineyards, December 2008-January 2009
Box packaging does not deter us from Yellow+Blue wines, February 2009
Outstanding Bouchard Finlayson wines from South Africa, March 2009
Soprano wines and Celebrate Life Merlot, April-May 2009
Jordan’s place in the pantheon of great wines, June-July 2009
Bargain wines from Chateau d’Aussieres, August 2009
Spectrum auctions McClendon fine wines, November-December 2009
Wines to savor, November-December 2009

A private jet adventure around the world with Travel Guild, August 2009
Join Air Platinum Club for stress-free travel that is the height of luxury, November-December 2009