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2001 Index

Wilderness Safaris sets the standard for small quality African camps, February
A visit to South Africa's best, March

The Legian on Bali, June

At the top of our travel list in 2000, January
The Boathouse: a secret waiting north of Sydney, January
The Great South Pacific Express is a hidden treasure, January
Bedarra Island: a discovery in Oz, February

The Ocean Club, Paradise Island, Nassau Bahamas, November

Fustic House on Barbados, November
ENTREE inspects the new Sandy Lane, December
Cobblers Cove on Barbados, December

Beware rail travel in Britain, September

Linq in West Hollywood is hot, January
The finest dining in L.A. at Encore at the St. Regis, March
Diaghilev for Franco-Russian dining in the Wyndham Bel Age, April
Chef Schenardi at the Regent Beverly Wilshire, April
High marks for the Sonoma Mission Inn, April
The Resort at Squaw Creek lures nabobs, May
Merv Griffin's Beverly Hilton and Trader Vic's, May
A saber-wielding GM at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort, July/August
Ventana: Big Sur heaven, September
Cosmetics find in Napa, October
Creative facial at Verabella in Beverly Hills, October
The Napa Valley Wine Auction is a delight, December

Adventures with Austin-Lehman, March

How risky is the Caribbean?, January
Sandy lane on its way back to the top, February
Wyndham Rose Hall Resort & Country Club on Jamaica for family fun, March
Getting tipsy on Harbour Island, April
ENTREE visits the Turks and Caicos, May
ENTREE visits the Turks and Caicos, June
Where to go if the Caribbean is not an option, December

Steamboat Springs is a treat all year round, June

Homestead Inn joins Relais & Chateau, December

Bliss at Stapleford Park in England, November

Wakaya is a Pacific paradise, October

Eating well in Miami, January
The Wyndham Grand Bay in exclusive, tranquil Coconut Grove, February
Palm Beach's Chesterfield Hotel: a shining jewel, March

Taking the train in the Riviera, May
A perfect rental in Provence, May
Hotel Cuq en Terrasses in the South of France, July/August
St. Tropez: the good, the bad and ugly, July/August
Provence's Auberge La Regalido, September
Paris taxi scam, September
Villa Gallici in Aix-en-Provence, September
Cassegrain for stylish stationery in Paris, September
Paris is hell for motorists, October

Athens airport opening a bust, June

ASTON for value and comfort in Hawaii, February

Hong Kong's Regent to go Inter-Continental, June

The Legian on Bali, June

Ireland is safe from hoof and mouth, May

Il Falconerie is an Italian aerie out of Verdi, January
Three new hotels in Venice, April
Roberto Wilk's Insider's Venice, June
Rome's grand St. Regis Grand, September

Bottom pinching in Japan, May

51 Buckingham Gate, London's newest luxury townhouse hotel, February
Restaurant news from London, February
Some confusion over Admiralty, March
Claridge's bar goes Teutonic, June
Wilton's goes light and all gasp, June
London is a fine hotel city and One Aldwych is sterling, September
Eating well at Just St. James, September
Alberto Iglesias: guide to the hidden treasures of London, September
Red Carnation's snazzy boutique at The Rubens, September
Marco Pierre White's smashing Parisienne Chophouse, September
Ritz bar in London restored to its former glory, November
Claridges clobbers us for scrambled eggs, November
No room at Gordon Ramsay's, November
Eating well in London at Mju and The Red Fort, December

Reid's Palace on Madeira, June
Alain Ducasse: our most memorable dining experience of 2000, January
Quantum 56: hotel dining at its best, January
A new restaurant of merit in Saratoga Springs, January
The Carlyle Hotel in new hands, March
Sacco & Vanzetti for "immigration cuisine," April
Rosewood will run the Carlyle, May
Artisinal, a new restaurant in New York, September
Do not miss Ilo in New York City, October
Nino's two restaurants in Manhattan, October

Remembering good times in New Zealand, January
Glencoe Station, September

At the top of our travel list in 2000, January
Portugal simply cannot be beat as a desirable travel destination, February
An amazing art gallery in Lisbon, May
The Lapa Palace is the best hotel in Lisbon, October

Our recommendations for Singapore, November

Zurich's historic Baur au Lac Hotel, May
Women only at a Zurich hotel, June

The Oriental, Bangkok is an extraordinary place and so is Manager Kurt Wachtveitl, April
Bangkok's best custom tailor, April

The Bosphorus Pasha is where you must stay in Istanbul, January

The resort at Squaw Creek lures nabobs, May

Bargain custom tailoring in Vietnam, May

British Airways slashes flights to Gatwick, January
Upgrading First Class, January
Uzbekistan Airlines pilots go back to school, January
Stay away from Corfu in a plane, January
Concorde due back in April?, February
Cathay Pacific makes it a delight to check-in, February
American Airlines to the rescue for those with health concerns, March
Attractive discounts on British Airways, March
Thai Airways International disappoints us, April
Androids at Heathrow, April
Sad, sad BahamasAir, April
What's up with the decline of Swissair, May
Skymark Airways and bottom pinching in Japan, May
More problems for Swissair, June
Caviar disappears from Gulf Air menu, June
rolex replica Flying Avianca is a pleasure, June
Private jet charter with Skyjet, July/August
If we were running the airlines, July/August
Flying with Uzbekistan Airways, September
British airlines and Heathrow Express, September
Avoid Buzz, October
British Airways cares for the sleepy, October
Cathay Pacific introduces sleepers, October
Thai Airways joins our blacklist, December

Luggage repair at Vienna's airport, October
All is well at Athens airport, October

Recommended reading: PRIMROSE PAST, January
Recommended reading: DECORATIVE FLOORS OF VENICE, February
Hilary Finlay's Ireland's Blue Book of Country Houses and Restaurants, March
Books for long winter nights, March
Spring Books: TOURISM IN HISTORY, April
The Travel Detective, Peter Greenberg; The Global Soul, Pico Iyer; The Valentino Cookbook, Piero Selvaggio and Karen Stabiner, May
DK Publishing's FAIRWAYS, June
Summer reading: ALL ELEVATIONS UNKNOWN, July/August
A Book to grace your library: Artist's London: Holbein to Hirst Merrell Publishers, September
Special books for holiday giving: Nina Campbell's Decorating Secrets; Golden Age of Watercolors, November

Sailing aboard Star Clippers' Royal Clipper, July/August
CruiseLineCuisine.com for seaworthy recipes, July/August

The Euro renders old currency useless, October
When currency topples, October

Valentino and Crystal Cruises join forces, February
A wine for the new millennium: Dry Creek's Epoch II, February
Lanson Champagne, March
A fine Spring Wine: Dry Creek Vineyard's 1999 Reserve Fume Blanc, April
Wines we like, especially Beringer, and Taylor Fladgate ports, May
Taylor's Chip Dry White Port: an unbeatable summer drink, July/August
Wines for fall, September
Bringing your own wine to a restaurant, October
Champagne Duval-Leroy arrives, October
Cambridge House smoke salmon, October
Cambridge House smoked salmon for the holidays, November
Some tasty wines, November
Wines and a vodka for the well-stocked bar, December

Red Carnation buys the d'Angleterre, November

Suzanne Cohen's jewel of a company for rentals in Europe, January
Travel warnings: do not go here, February
The dangers of long distance flying, February
Prive on either coast for hair, nails and makeup in the company of the stars, February
Time to dump European currencies, March
New travel ideas, March
Wyndham is awarded ENTREE's Golden E of Excellence, April
The State Department lets us down, April
Steven A. Shaw writes compelling restaurant reviews, April
Occupancy rates go soft, April
Healthier in-flight air, May
Exploring the world with Oasis, May
Rosewood will run the Carlyle, May
Men in hose? June
Combating annoying cellphones, July/August
Some essential names and numbers, July/August
The battle of the hotel stars, July/August
When your favorite tie gets a stain, July/August
Our best travel memories of 2001, December
Hooray for the drip-dry shirt, December
Holiday gift ideas, December

Playing DVD's on the road thanks to The Sharper Image, January
Magellan's spring 2001 catalog, March
The Sharper Image's cooling system, March
CoolMax Alta underwear from Magellan's April
E-mailing on the road, April
Healthier in-flight air, May
E-mail and the Internet will soon be reality in the air, July/August
GAYOT's guides are a must, July/August
Travel may never be the same again, October
E-mail going airborne, October
E-romance laptop meltdown, October
Air-Flow Massage Cushion from Magellan's, November

Breitling Avenger Replica
Hublot Big Bang King Replica Exploring the world with Oasis, May