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Our recent visit to Peru was actually a visit to Tahuantinsuyo, which is what the Incas called this enchanting and mystical country. We started out in the charming city of Cusco, once the capital of the Incan empire. Our taxi took us down beautiful cobblestone streets, many bounded by original Incan stone walls, to the Rumi Punku hotel which has one of only three original stone Incan door frames in Cusco.

The wonderful people who organized our adventure, a 30-mile hike through this steep, rugged and spectacular terrain, was Alpaca Expeditions. We spent some quality time with ... [continue]



what's new before it hits the mass media? About still-undiscovered destinations before they get discovered to death? Ever pondered how some privileged travelers always seem to be in the loop when it comes to insider travel secrets? About those special places and experiences that can make travel so exciting and enriching?

Well, may we introduce you to ENTREE?  This uncompromising and confidential traveler's newsletter may not be for everybody. Editor William Tomicki never planned for it to be. You'll probably never see an advertisement offering subscriptions.

So who DOES read ENTREE? Travelers who are discriminating and uncompromising, to be sure. But practical and value-conscious, also. Travelers who appreciate honest, critical, no-holds-barred, witty and practical advice, written by experts who have been there.

You are invited to join the select number of travelers who have come to depend on ENTREE for the latest insights into hotels, restaurants, shopping, cruises and travel throughout the world. ENTREE offers a 100%, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee should you ever feel you are not benefiting from the advice offered, so there's nothing to lose.

And here's a tremendous bonus—when you subscribe to ENTREE, you'll be given a telephone number that connects you to the office of the editor of ENTREE. You'll be able to call for advice on hotels, restaurants and shopping in specific cities to which you may be headed. At no charge! That alone could be worth the cost of your subscription!

William Tomicki
Editor and Publisher




www.travelbyentree.com is a blog by the peripatetic editors of ENTREE Travel Newsletter (www.entreenews.com), one of the country’s most respected sources of travel news for the discriminating globe-trotter. The blog celebrates the joy (and sometimes the pain) of travel. We pride ourselves on our careful research. We sleep in the beds and eat the food we report on. We cannot be bought. We are family-owned and we expect excellence when we travel. We will not tolerate poor service or mediocre treatment. Please follow us and write with your memorable travel experiences, good and bad.

William Tomicki, Editor,



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